Singularity, Hill Smith Gallery, South Australia, Feb 8 - Feb 26, 2012

Look, but don't touch – Samela Harris, Adelaide Magazine
January 28th, 2012

The more connected we become, the further apart we grow. This thought simmered on the backburner of Robin Eley’s brain as he checked his friends and posted his updates on Facebook. It began to heat up when he took his portfolio around the chic modern galleries of New York where dealers, impressed with his superrealist technical skills, were asking if he had something he wanted to say with his art. What was his “signature”? And thus did he begin to ponder his life, his times, his people, his world, his art. A new show, called Singularity, resulted from a man- ifestation of the artist’s sense of the new ivory towers young people are constructing within the swarming networking of their social media.         Read complete review


Singularity – Exhibition Preview

Tom Gleghorn Opening Night Speech


Singularity opening night – Steven Williams